Our Goal


To train and equip these girls for ministry using their spiritual gifts and talents throughout the nation of Honduras.

In keeping with this goal, we desire to educate the girls in their native language of Spanish to meet their domestic needs. An English curriculum is also taught to better prepare them for possible continuing education opportunities.

Why Honduras?


We want to minister to the physically and spiritually endangered children of Honduras.


The name of our ministry, Such Is The Kingdom, appears in Matthew 19:14 where Jesus says, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me:  for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

We want to demonstrate the love of God through "helps" ministries and declare that Jesus is the Lord and Provider to those who have neither heard the Gospel nor seen it in action.

Project Talitha Cumi has a fully functional farm operation. We grow corn, beans, vegetables and we have three greenhouses for more specialized vegetables. We also have banana trees, peach trees, avocado and citrus trees. We have been growing coffee for about 25 years. It has been a learning process but at 6,000 feet elevation, we have been told it is a great coffee. We have cows, chickens, ducks, fish, pigs and goats. We keep the pigs to eat the scraps. The cows and goats keep the grass down as well as provide milk and cheese. Milk is more expensive than in the States so we welcome it and the cheese, but also love the new little calves.

Right now we have 23 children. We have four 3-bedroom, 2-bath houses that our girls occupy. One bathroom is under construction. One set of temporary girls are being housed in a duplex alongside our school building. Our girls are being raised in a wonderful, loving environment, by young missionary women who love the Lord, know the Word and love the girls and community they serve. The young house moms range in age from 25 years and up and all of them are college graduates. Most of them speak Spanish at varying levels. They are improving everyday. All the women started at our farm either as a lawyer or as teachers.

Recently we have calculated how many girls have been on our farm. Through the filed paperwork we came up with 160! Most of them were raised here over the years we have been in operation (1995-2022). Thanks to the hundreds of people who have made this project available to girls who were alone and needed a family. Psalms reminds us that God does set the solitary in families.