Projects at PTC

You many designate toward a specific project by adding a note with your donation.

  1. Complete our three fish ponds

  2. Solar system for our lights

  3. A shallow well run with solar power

  4. A water recycling project

  5. Roofing for four of our girls houses and the Big House

  6. Roofing for two barns and the kitchen

  7. Finish the bathroom remodel in House #4

  8. Lamp post replacement

  9. Drain fields for all the houses

  10. Cabinetry for the building for our Pottery House

  11. Caminando Juntos, ("Walking Together" ) -- our outreach project to the community, which includes interactive Bible Studies, English classes, mini seminars on health and information on basic human rights

  12. Book projects

  13. Coffee Project, processing and shipping