Current Needs

Shipping items to us in Honduras is very difficult and costly. 

To provide for our Honduras needs, please give at the button below, and we will use your gift to purchase the items here. 

Thank you so much for providing for the children!

-small copy machine (bought in country)

-3 more printers (bought in country)

-microphone for the church

-instruments: guitar, keyboard, violins

-School supplies: notebooks, markers, crayons, pens, pencils, white boards

-Desks for office

-Desk chairs for office

-Laptop for church

-Projector for church

-Power strips

-Bee equipment


Larger Items for fundraising:

-4 x 4 truck

-Generator for the school

Since we receive no state or federal funding,
we rely 100% on donations to provide for what the children need.

We Need Your Support Today!