Dedicated individuals helping young, Honduran, children grow. 


Ground Team

These are the individuals who are living life day in and day out with these girls. 


Talitha Cumi Staff

Pam Demott, Mom

Kelsey McHugh, Team Coordinator and House 5 "mom"

Rosa Hernandez

Lina Hernandez


Casa de Nain Staff

Suzanne and Wesley Jarrard

Mary-Langston Willis Team Coordinator

Chase Heatherly

Bekah Read, Website/ Graphic designer

Kenneth and Katrina Bethea

Chris Briles

Danielle Atkinson, asst. treasurer


Board Members

We have a Honduran board and a U.S. board that help in all our decisions. 


North American Board

Pam Demott, President

Joe Reynolds, Chairman

Nancy Grantham, Treasurer

Rex Williams, Secretary  

Emma Moffitt

David Mathis  

Tom Osborne    

Honduran Board

Pam Demott, President

Angela Serritt, Vice-President

Brenda Winders, Treasurer

Rosa Hernandez, Secretary

Mirian Aguilar, Finance

Rosy Meza, Voice 1

Lina Hernandez, Voice 2

David Aguilar, Voice 3

Wesley Jarrard, Voice 4