Success Stories

We aren't about stats and numbers, we are about relationships with Christ and others and nurturing those. 


1. Cafe Cumi.


Cafe Cumi is an ongoing project where we foster opportunities for the girl's to work and learn how to run a business. Many times this means baking cinnamon rolls and selling them at their local school for $1. Other times this means picking coffee beans on our small coffee farm and harvesting them to then sell to teams. This money goes in to a fund that the girls can access when they are 18. 

cafe cumi

2. The girls have gotten in to running. 


The girls have been running in local 5ks this year!  Some of the teachers have from Abundant Life Christian School have been coaching them and they have loved this outlet as well as a chance to travel.  They have competed in races all over Honduras now including a 10k in San Pedro Sula.  Our girls took 4th place, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th! So proud of our girls and the teachers who helped train them.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for the girls to be participating in these activities. It has helped them in their confidence as well as their physical stamina.  Before, in our school here at the mission, the girls were somewhat isolated.  It was hard for our girls to interact with the children of the community being a part of a community of English speakers.   But now they are going on excursions with Honduran and North American groups to further their education on every level. One opportunity to do this was with SAG. SAG was a week-long event held in Honduras' capital that brought together all of the ALCS schools for a competition in sports, Bible, arts, band and so much more. 

Mileydi (on the right) placed 3rd in the 1500 meter run and the "cross country" race at SAG.  She’s only in 6th grade and was competing against 6th-12th graders. We love seeing the girls work hard to accomplish their dreams!


3. The older girls are furthering their education.


Rosy is currently studying law at UNICAH - Universidad Católica de Honduras in Tegucigalpa. Mary (Rosy's younger sister) is attending Hannibal-LaGrange University in the United States and is on their soccer team! Rosy and Mary came to the home in 2006 and are able to maintain a loving relationship with their birth mother and we have loved to see that nurtured.