Please contact us if you have specific dates in mind. We always try to accommodate teams desiring to come to Talitha Cumi.


Team information:

Teams of five members or less may incur additional transportation costs. If you have special food requests other than what is normally available, the cost will be extra for us to purchase these items. Overnight stay in hotels will be an additional cost agreed upon before the team arrival.

 If the team is planning a large construction project or medical brigade, they will be responsible for the cost of materials and/or medicines for their team. Additional vehicle requirements and costs will be agreed upon in advance by the team and SIKM. All team money should be sent to SIKM, P.O. 628, Doerun, GA 31744.

Medical and travel insurance is required for all team members. You may purchase this from Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services ( for around $3.50 per person/day. There are others that provide this service, also. Proof of insurance should be sent to SIKM ahead of time.

Forms that are required to be filled out by all teams may be downloaded from the Ministry Forms page.

For more information on scheduling and bringing a team,

Thank you for considering bringing a team to the ministry! We look forward to having you here!

Team Schedule


August 31 - September 7: Bold Mission Builder

October 10-20: Chris Briles


February 15 - February 25: Viox Family

February 26 - March 1: WIM Staff Retreat

March 1 - 7: NCCS

April 4 -11: Robert and Dawn Marina

July 27 - July 11: Henderson’s Church Team



a day per member (includes transportation, room, and food)


Per person/ day for medical insurance 



teams in 2018


current girls at the farm